Animal Communication And Healing Workshop

With Laila Del Monte

Laila Del Monte, celebrated author of Communiquer Avec Les Animaux (French, “Communicating with Animals”, just recently translated into English), is a highly regarded animal communicator in France, Italy and Switzerland who teaches animal communication in both Europe and America. 

She presented a workshop on February 13, 14, 2010 in Ojai, CA  which was attended by 12 participants. Among them was the equine massage therapist and master energy healer, Joy Gamache of New Monmouth, NJ, who also graced a few of the local horses, dogs and people with her amazing healer skills. The workshop was a huge success.


Every single person who attended was able to develop their animal communication skills and below are notes from some of the participants which sums up the experience of most of us. 


From Nancy Scantlebury, Oak View, CA -  I just want to tell everyone how much I am impressed with the class. I have not been able to do these kinds of things before. At home I tried to contact a friends' Kerry Blue who normally has no odor. I gave him a message as he did for me. Then I got a fairly strong odor of a wet dog which I didn't understand at all. I called his owner. He had just been outside in the rain. That validated the odor and that I was really able to contact him. I am so excited about it. I think Laila's workshop was really complete and she really is serious about wanting us to learn. Her price is very reasonable as well. Thank you so much for putting this together for us.  Nancy   

From Joy and Bob Gamache, New Monmouth, NJ - A friend's dog was missing since about noon and she had been looking and calling everyone to help find her. She asked if we would please try to tune in and see if we can find her through the animal communication techniques Laila taught to us. 

Between Bob and me, we got that the dog was ok just wandering lost.  Bob got pictures of an overpass. I sent light and protection, a friend drove to the owner's house to help search after speaking to us and they found her at 1:30 am this morning! 

A day later: The owner of the dog wrote:

Thanks for all your help and well wishes.  We finally found her around 1:30 in the am. Soaking wet about a block and a half from an overpass.  I don't know if she was there but I do know where she is now and that for sure brings peace to my heart. Thank you so much.

THANK YOU, LAILA, for sharing your expertise. You are truly a gifted teacher, animal communicator and healer. Gail

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