Congratulations to my long time and very dear friend, Lorraine Kainuma of Gilroy, CA, on her purchase of the last SWB horse I bred, and who I named L.A. Baltic Finale.

L.A. Baltic Finale was the last horse I bred at Los Alamos Dressage Center in NJ and she combines the blood of all the original SWB importations I brought from Sweden. Her sire, L.A. Baltic Inspiration, was by L.A. Baltic Sun and out of L.A Utrilla and her dam was L.A. Rose of Sweden.


Lorraine fell in love with "Finale" when she was first moved from NJ to CA in 2006 as a 2 year old. Lorraine wanted to purchase her as a 3 year old. However, since "Finale" was just being broken to ride, I did not feel that it was a good match at that time. I recommended to Lorraine that she purchase a well trained horse instead. She followed my advice and purchased a lovely FEI school master from DG Bar Ranch in CA.

Both Lorraine and Finale followed their own courses for years. Lorraine became a much more skilled dressage rider and Finale put both dressage and jumping competitions under her girth. Eventually Lorraine's FEI school master crossed the "Rainbow Bridge" and her other horse needed to be retired. Then it became apparent to me that keeping Finale where I live in Ojai, CA was not a good option because she had become allergic to what seemed like nearly everything that grows in Ojai. Allergy shots and medications gave temporary relief but this mare, the last daughter I bred from L.A. Baltic Inspiration, was always special to me and, although I wanted to keep her, I knew it was not a good option for her.


I pondered long and hard and eventually decided to see if Lorraine wanted to take her further north and see if things might work out between them. Lorrraine was thrilled to have the opportunity and, happily, Finale settled in and was able to get off medications. The rest is the end of the "Fairy Tale" where the two princesses live happily ever after (Sorry - no prince in the picture).

I am so happy to wish Lorraine and L.A. Baltic Finale many more years of happiness and good health together. Her they are participating in a dressage clinic.


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