Apprentice Trainer Lisa Basselini shows Los Alamos bred L.A. United Nations at Prix St. Georges, Dressage at Devon in 1997. United Nations is now owned by Joan De Palo.

Corbin Heon, at age 5, gets "Tony The Pony" ready for a lesson in dressage


Coaching riders and horses at the FEI levels of Dressage is our strength. However, we also recognize the need for solid basics and a firm foundation in riding. Therefore, we gear our instruction always with an eye to developing the best qualities in any rider. Great attention is paid to developing the correct seat and use of the aids followed by teaching a logical system of dressage training based on bio mechanics and the classic "training pyramid". Dressage and Jumping go hand in hand so that horses and riders can be developed in either or both disciplines.

1. Private Lessons by appointment on your horse. (Click Here For Rates)

2. Clinics can be organized by you at your stable. Dressage clinics and seminars can be combined or done separately by Dr. Gail Hoff-Carmona and jumping instruction is offered by Andre Etmekdjian. Just contact us for details and to make arrangements.

3. Training Horses - a few horses are accepted for training in dressage or show jumping. (Click Here For Training And Boarding Rates)


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